Special Features

we are special, because we provide …..

LIFT: European Standard Lift, Schindler / LG-Sigma / Mitsubishi / ThyssenKrupp or equivalent) with 1 stabilizer.

GENERATOR: One brand new imported Japanese Yanmar / Italian Perkins / Pramac or equivalent emergency generator.

WOOD: Burma Teak Timber (Segun) & Chittagong Teak timber.

PAINT: Berger Exclusive illusion and Easy clean paint on wall.

ROOF TOP: Exquisitely beautiful garden on roof top and in front of the building.

STONE CHIPS: High quality Stone Chips for all columns, great beams, foundation, beams & floor slabs also.

CEMENT: Scan / Holcim / Supercrete / Akij cement for world standard construction.

TILES: High quality Mirror Polish Homogenous floor tiles (24”X24”) and wall tiles RAK or better.

STEEL: Deformed Bar (60/40 grade as per drawing) by BSRM, BSI, SSRM, RSRM.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Projects are frequently visited by the Architect, Structural Engineer & Directors of the company. Construction will be supervised always by experienced BSC engineer, highly skilled workforce (Trained construction mistry & Labour).

BEAUTIFICATION: SS panel & designed tiles of RAK or better quality in the Stair & roof top to make it as beautiful as possible.

EARTHQUAKE: Structural design is prepared considering earthquake as per BNBC – 93 code and Cyclonic winds up to 210 KMPH for the structure to withstand.

PRIORITY: Land owner as well as Clients will always get respect, supreme priority and cordial interaction from the company side.