Our Services

Business Development

Teamed up with a band of highly motivated professionals, the business development division explores new business opportunities & comes up with the best options to meet the growing demands in the marketplace. The Business development department is responsible for locating the most valuable land in Dhaka and Chittagong and negotiate with land owners to ensure a win-win joint venture or to outright purchase the land.

Architects & Interiors/ Design & Development

TDEL has been known for its spectacular and innovative living concepts and daring architectural designs. This has been possible by the dedicated full time professional architects and designers who constantly delve into the realms of innovation and uniqueness.

Engineering & Construction

Well experienced engineers with both local and international exposure are responsible for management of this department. The team of highly qualified civil engineers carry out direct supervision to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are in place for Quality Control (QC) of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage of the construction process.

Marketing & Brand Management

A truly professional Marketing & Brand Management Team is in place at TDEL to nurture and communicate numerous product offerings to its customers. The tools and techniques applied by the Marketing Department complements the efforts of the Sales Department and helps to put TDEL’s image and products in their right perspective.


A pro-active sales team is always in touch with our valued customers to update them on the latest product offerings. Every member of the Sales Team is given extensive on-site training so that the person is totally familiar with construction procedures and acquires full product knowledge.

Customer Service

A full fledged Customer Service team remains constantly in touch with customers for any modification or optional works desired by the customer during construction of projects. Customer Service Department aims to provide full satisfaction to our customers by always being on hand to satisfy any query they may have about their cherished home.


A dedicated maintenance team is fully active to maintain the relationship with our customers. Headed by a Sr. Maintenance Engineer, the department starts working just after the project handover. All the customers’ complaints are addressed as our team looks after all civil, electrical, sanitary and plumbing works. And this service is given free of cost for two years if within our purview.

Finance & Accounts

Finance & Accounts personnel are responsible for putting in place appropriate financial control methods, cash flow management and maintenance of proper accounting principles.

Human Resource & Training

We recognize that our people are our greatest asset. Thus, development, professional evaluation and motivation of our human resource is a very important goal and objective of the company. The human resource department is staffed with a competent team of HR professional who ensure the above goal.


Our admin department ensures safety, security and maintenance of our sites, our corporate building and all our movable and immovable assets. A dedicated team is totally focused to protect the interests of the company.

Corporate Affairs

Our corporate affairs department maintains liaison with all external agencies such as RAJUK, PWD, CDA, City Corporation etc. As a responsible corporate citizen, TDEL ensures integrity and professionalism in its dealings with all external agencies.