Mission & Vision

What we stand for


We shall endeavor to excel in every aspect of our operation and thereby provide quality products and services to our customers. Our organization will have a challenging and satisfying working environment so that the talents and potential of our human resource is given the full opportunity to blossom & grow. We shall maintain a high degree of integrity in our business conduct and this characteristic will prevail in our dealings with our customers, our suppliers, our contractors, our financiers, our employees & indeed our entire society.


Customer Policy: To always focus on the customer; because the customer’s satisfaction is our inspiration.

Business Policy: To conduct the business with high integrity.

Employee Policy: To nurture the best human resource through training & motivation.

Quality Policy: To consistently develop high quality real estate to keep our standard above others.

Environment Policy: To address environmental issues apparently & clearly on our activities in line.

Future Policy: To endeavor innovation to excel in every aspect of our operation.

Future Plan

TDEL is committed to expand and diversify in the years to come. It has taken on board a number of projects which will have a definite impact on the socio-economic fabric of the country and play a dynamic role in the overall economic development of Bangladesh.