General Amenities of the Complex


  • Car parking will be reserved, covered, protected and secured in Ground Floor with Comfortable and wide Driveways.
  • Car Parkings will be clearly defined and marked with apartment numbers.
  • Safety grills will be provided between the boundary wall & the building gap. Square Bar 1/2″.
  • The staircase will be well located and easily accessible with easy to climb stair & with adequate lighting, Stair leads to lobbies on each floor.
  • Electricity supply will be approx 220V/440V from DESCO source with separate Main cable and LT Panel/Distribution Board.
  • Water Supply Connection from WASA will be sufficient as per Total Calculated Consumption.
  • Water reservoirs (underground & overhead) will have one Main Lifting Pump and other of full capacity as standby.
  • Sewerage System is planned for long-term requirement.
  • Gas Pipeline Connection from TITAS Distribution System as per Total Calculated Consumption. Adequate Safety Measures will be incorporated.
  • Termite Protection Treatment of Ground.
  • Drivers (Common) sitting space if space available.


  • All Apartments will have independent Gas Connection for a two Burner cooker/oven.
  • All Apartments will have Independent Electric meter up to maximum Load sanction (as per design).
  • One common WASA meter for total complex.