Features and Amenities of the Apartment


  • Main Entrance Door will be decorative, made of Burma Teak Timber, properly seasoned with door lock, door chain, apartment number, calling bell switch & check viewer.
  • Door Frames will be of good quality solid wood.
  • Door shutters of veneer flush door with French polish & round mortise lock.
  • Toilet flush door will be enamel painted on the inside to protect from water.


  • Full height sliding aluminum windows as per perspective design.
  • 5mm glass with rubber channel & mohair lining.
  • External windows to have rain water protective seal.
  • Safety Grills with flat bar in all windows.
  • Provision for Mosquito net in all windows with Thai aluminum sliding frame.


  • Good Quality 1st Class Brick.
  • Exterior wall thickness will be 10” / 5” brickwork with fine plaster & internal wall thickness will be 5” brickwork with fine plaster (as per design).


  • High standard Homogenous floor tiles in rooms, dining and living area.


  • Berger / Dulux / Gobi or equivalent paint on walls and ceiling.
  • Berger Exclusive Illusion paint on living room wall.
  • French polished Doorframes & Shutters.
  • Exterior Wall will be Weather coat painted.


  • Foreign (T&J / MK / SIEMENS brand) made Electrical Switches; plug Points & other Fittings.
  • All electrical wiring will have Earthing Connection (Paradise / BRB / equivalent).
  • Verandahs with suitable Light and power points.
  • Electrical Distribution Box with Main switch. (SDB in all apartments will be concealed).
  • Concealed wiring in PVC conduit shall be provided with sufficient outlet for light, fan and power socket.
  • All electric wiring, phone lines, gas, waters line, cable etc will be concealed.
  • Substation with BETELCO / FEROTECH Transformer will include PFI unit.
  • Each apartment will be provided with good quality calling bell at the main entrance.
  • Each apartment will have independent electric meter.
  • Circuit breaker Siemens brand.


  • All bed rooms will have space for cabinets / almirahs (if space available).


  • Essentially correct Uniform Floor Slope towards Water Outlet.
  • Good Quality Sanitary Wares in all Bathrooms.
  • Basin will be of good size.
  • Kombi commode (European Style) in master & second bath and long pan in 3rd bath.
  • Provision for Bath tub with mixer in master toilet.
  • Good Quality Glazed wall Tiles in Bathrooms up to full wall height.
  • Matching Floor Tiles in all Bathrooms.
  • Mirrors will be with good quality & overhead Lamps.
  • Porcelain Soap Cases, Towel Rails & toilet paper holder & other toilet accessories.
  • Good quality chrome plated tap ware fittings.
  • Cabinet basin / Pedal basin in the wash rooms.
  • Maid’s bath room will have Long pan, shower and Lowdown (If space available).
  • Concealed Hot water lines in Master Bath.
  • Hand shower in all bath rooms.


  • Impressively designed platform with Marble / Granite / Tiles Worktop.
  • One gas outlet point ready for connection.
  • Good Quality Wall Tiles matching with colour and other decoration.
  • Matching non slip homogeneous floor tiles RAK.
  • One Stainless steel sink with Mixer.
  • Concealed hot water line at kitchen sink.
  • Suitably Located Foreign Exhaust Fan (12”).
  • Adequate power points for kitchen will be provided.
  • Wash down sink in kitchen verandah with tile finish.
  • Provision for cabinets (if space available).


  • Double Burner Gas & Electricity supply meter will be Apartment wise, while water supply and common electricity will be common for the project.
  • Space provision for Gas oven, fridge, dish wash where possible.